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Proposals: Oct.15 – Oct.24

By: Paula Monroy

What has been proposed so far

The complete list of proposals that have been adopted by the movement through the GA from October 15 to October 24, which was originally posted in the official website of the occupation (available in French only), reads as follows:

General Assembly October 15, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Adopt a non-violent discipline, no matter the situation. Zero tolerance for any violence, including verbal abuse.

2. The message must be unified through the organizations and individuals. There must be consistency in the message and claims that are issued, and participants should know and share.

3. There must be a coherent and long-term, not just tactics and actions without links between them (regardless of their ingenuity).

4. The security forces / police are seen as potential allies in the movement, not as adversaries. Ultimately, they are accountable to the people.

5. Keep in mind the national and international audience when message is defined. The goal is to include people to the cause, not alienate them.

6. Do not respond to verbal attacks or hostile propaganda using the same language as the opponent. Instead, refocus debate on relevant issues.

7. Victories should be emphasized at every opportunity. This is important for our morals and enthusiasm. We must dispel anger by using humor and integration.

8. Occupy Montreal works through direct democracy.

General Assembly October 15, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Look for proposals that address individual and collective principles.

2. Rename Victoria Square to the “People’s Square.”

3. Remain united.

4. A walk (event) after GA.

General Assembly October 16, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Any consumption of alcohol or other substances in the People’s Place should be done with discretion, restraint and respect.

2. Have areas designed for children.

3. Honor the earth that we occupy at each GA

4. All are free to refuse to be filmed

5. Always alternate male / female facilitators in GAs

6. Have a process for GA

7. Have at least one GA per day

8. Have a fixed time for GAs: Monday to Friday 18h and 13h Saturday and Sunday

9. Always have a structured agenda in the GA

10. We do not exclude any group, but do not support violence or disrespectful behavior

General Assembly October 17, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Energy interventions throughout every GA

2. Éyptien put a flag on the People’s Square.

3. Have a committee to raise funds to pay a second generator.

4. Make a video of the GA to be shared with Occupy Wall Street.

5. We want this movement to be inclusive, so we want to accept the diversity of tactics. But we want to ensure that children, people without documents and other persons vulnerable to severe consequences of an arrest (job loss), may participate in this movement. If the various tactics made near the square, or on behalf of the movement threatens the participation of different people, we should do consensus.

General Assembly October 18, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Two of the Forum on the social economy call for three Forum sessions to be held on the site Let’s take care / Occupy Mtl, and occupant(s) is/are responsible for organizing a place to mobilize people. A person proposes.

2. Do not smoke during the general meetings.

3. Occupy other spaces when People’s Square is full.

4. Everyone picks up his cigarette butts.

5. That OccupyMontreal demands that the government increases the tax on mineral royalties to a minimum of 50%.

6. That the minutes of the GA be posted on the bulletin board and information on the Square. They are already online and will be posted on the board.

General Meeting October 20, 2011

(Note: it was assembled improvise, these are the notes speak of accepted proposals. If you have any other information on proposals that have passed the AG has, please contact us.)

Proposals adopted:

1. A man and a woman together offer a framework of general strategy for the movement Occupy Montreal in four points. They distribute the printed proposal, detailing the four points. 1) Define (description?) 2) Think (exact term and description?) 3) Act (description?) 4) Change (description?)

More positive reactions, a negative reaction on the word “revolution”, as detailed in point 4) of the proposal.

Ammende: The word “revolution” will be removed from the fourth point of the proposal.

The proposal was accepted by consensus (loss of quorum?)

General Assembly October 21, 2011

Proposals adopted:

1. Facilitation Committee:

Proposal on the process of consensus (attached).

2. Mediation Committee:

– Creation of mixed teams of psychological intervention and monitoring – zero tolerance policy and if physical aggression or sexual – possibility of a second chance – expulsion of the person concerned – one has excluded the possibility of return to the scene – The committee reserves the right to make case by case for the reinstatement of an excluded, including the GA in this decision process – Security is for everyone so everyone is responsible to take care of everyone –  Diplomatic expulsions. The committee member will be accompanied by a”big”if the expulsion occurs unexpectedly (refusal of violence).

3. Committee on Aboriginal representation:

We ask:-recognition of indigenous peoples living in the territory of Quebec – the adoption by the National Assembly of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by requiring the federal government to do the same – the updating of the story since the colonization of America in academic institutions in Canada and Quebec to transmit the facts more transparent and fair to future generations in regard to First Nations – a moratorium on the map north – that Aboriginal languages be protected and valued – optional courses on indigenous languages.

General Meeting – Saturday, October 22

1. Committee action:

Given the lack of “space more and more obvious on the place of people, and the end of security and safety, we propose to” occupy new land. Excluding land of the “UN. It proposes to “fill the square Riopel with a minimum of 30 tents (instant action). There is a list for those with no “place to camp or who are ready to move to occupy the square Riopel. When the lists are full, we budge.

2. Aboriginal Solidarity Committee:

Since the movement Larouche, password racist, homophobic, and promotes negative energy, the committee and the Mohawk traditional council proposes to remove their tables, their documentation, their symbols, propaganda of the movement of Lyndon Larouche. This group advocates direct violence to the mother earth and to all inhabitants of planet earth. The mediation committee would deal in a non-violent way.

General Meeting – Sunday, October 23

Proposals adopted:

1. Committee action: A walk next Saturday (October 29th) to 15:00 (after the GA).

2. Cans and bottles on the site are used to finance the cost of flushing the toilet and washroom services.

3. That there is a quorum of 75 people for a GA.

4. Upload a petition in support of the occupation, available in the official website of Occupy Montreal. The text must outline:  a non-violent movement; respects the diversity of tactics; a movement that is inclusive and environmentally conscious. It opposes the excesses of financial capitalism and asks for a better democracy.

General Meeting – Monday, October 24

Proposals adopted:

1. The AG will close at 19h to leave in large numbers to council.

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Occupy Montreal – Days 8 and 9

By: Paula Monroy

A few changes were made during the weekend. First of all, there are about 250 tents occupying the square. The megaphones no longer play a role in the meetings, now replaced by an echoing chorus. When the speaker speaks, everyone else repeats in one clear voice what she or he has said; thus, the speaker is compelled to speak clearly and concisely. When “Mic Check!” is said, everyone repeats it to reorganize the collection of voices any time it gets messy. Regarding this decision, Emily explains, “If you have 400 to 500 people, we lose more time to do the people’s mic.”

A board with detailed graphics of hand gestures by a volunteer, these gestures are mandatory during the assembly (just as it was agreed on day 1) in order to articulate an opinion. Those taking names for proposals and amendments carry with them a sign, too. So does person in the info role, with a big interrogation mark followed by “info”. Translations were switched to the right side of the assembly, and the point to speak was moved to the center.

“There was more dynamism” expressed Leonardo, a University of Montreal political science graduate. Indeed, decisions were made faster and a sense of complete equality was visible.

Three policemen dressed like civilians were present on Saturday’s assembly.

Some of the proposals that were accepted are:

  • Occupy Riopelle Square with 30 tents as immediate action. Moving also on to the grounds of the UN at St-Catherina E,  Phillips Square and the Israeli Embassy were also considered. Nonetheless, the police did not agree with the UN option and suggested to camp in nearby parks instead.
  • The expulsion of the LaRouche group. “It is not against the people but their ideas, which are xenophobic, racist, homophobic and anti-ecological … What we exclude is their table but not the individuals.” stated the Indigenous Solidarity Committee.
  • A  march next Saturday (October 29) at 3pm (after the GA)
  • An online support list for the movement Occupy Montreal
There was a proposal on Sunday prompted from the expulsion of the LaRouche group on Saturday, in which it is suggested to allow certain groups with a philosophy that favours the occupation “to avoid censorship, to include everyone”, specified Andrea. People was not sure and it is expected to be reconsidered on Monday.
<<More details on all of the adopted proposals will be coming soon in one single manifesto by the end of the week. Stay tuned!>>
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